Vocal: Vote National, Act Local: November 2013 – March 2014

Four corners of Mumbai. 28 organizers. Over 900 volunteers engaged.

We started our Vocal campaign because we saw that the voting process had become so far removed from the local issues that matter. Instead of talking about sanitation, or safety, or community development, our elected officials often only talk to their voting blocs – leaving thousands out of the electoral process.

In response, 28 organizers built core teams in their neighbourhood of volunteers, and ran community meetings called People Sabhas to find out the most pressing local issues and take action – both together to strengthen their communities, and by putting pressure on local candidates to keep government responsive.

Our organizers worked on many issues. Mehul held meetings to build a team who is working to fix the streetlights and potholes on his street in Ghatkopar so that citizens can safely walk around. Ishu and her team of volunteers raised awareness about sanitation problems in South Bombay, and worked to keep the sidewalks free of animal waste. Rianne brought together her family in her building to make sure everyone was registered to vote – and that they would vote for the best candidate for them. These issues and more gave rise to our current campaign on Sanitation in Mumbai, and formed the research and volunteer base of our work.

Through their work, listening to the community, having individual meetings to build relationships, and hosting People Sabhas for local actions, these organizers were able to show that our communities do have power – and our problems can be solved if we work together to achieve.

Location : Mumbai, India
Address : C/o Enam Securities, 2A & 2B, Hari Chambers, 58, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Marg, Across Lions Gate, Fort, Mumbai- 400013, India