8000 tonnes of garbage are produced everyday in the city, which is just one of the reasons Forbes magazine rated Mumbai as the 7th dirtiest city in the world. More recently, this city has also been voted the top dirtiest city in the world by tourists! Unfortunately, Mumbai and filth seem to be going hand-in-hand.

It’s easy to assume that Mumbai will always be dirty. Everywhere we look, we see trash: on our streets, in our gutters, in our parks, seeping into our water and our food. Sanitation problems from waste are the breeding ground for rats, mosquitoes and consequently ill health in our entire population. The issue seems so insurmountable that we may presume the our only choice is to keep our houses spotless and turn a blind eye to the frustrating filth outside

We have launched our Sanitation Campaign in Mumbai because our volunteers and organizers believe in a better Mumbai: they are fed up with the mosquitoes, and the rats, the stench, the mistreatment of our sanitation workers and the lack of dialogue with our government.

We know that with Mumbaikers’ help, we can create respect, dignity, and health for all people living in Mumbai. We can reduce health hazards, improve the appearance of our city, and make our public spaces – and private lives – a joy again. We can move from “apathy” to “action”.


Currently, we are working in the Shivaji Park area of the G North ward of Mahim, Dadar, and Dharavi- the ward that generates the largest amount of waste per capita in Mumbai. The citizens of the neighborhood are currently meeting with the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation’s officers and sanitation workers, local elected officials, community leaders and members to build a strong commitment for a cleaner Mumbai.

We are also building our base: we have created a community garden, we are holding art workshops and performing street theatre while we also go door to door and host people sabhas to build awareness on the issue.

We need your help. Only together can we change our behavior to be more mindful about our waste, what we do with it, and who is dealing with it. Only together can we hold our government accountable for our environment. Come to a local People Sabha to share your issues, connect us with community or government leaders in G North, or meet with us over tea to share your ideas and see if you can be a part of our core team.

We are creating our strategy for action together: come join us!

Location : Mumbai, India
Address : C/o Enam Securities, 2A & 2B, Hari Chambers, 58, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Marg, Across Lions Gate, Fort, Mumbai- 400013, India

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