Theory of Change

If social change movements, organizations and the leaders who build them,
have sustainable, strategic, interconnected foundations that leads to development of more
leaders with a progressive vision then we will lead towards powering a prosperous, equal and
democratic world.

Why Community Organizing?

It keeps people, their imagination to dream and their ability to lead at the center of the work. We believe in the Iron Rule of organizing, “Never do for people what they can do for themselves".

This is only way to develop capacity within our constituencies and captures the process of growing leadership and power. No other methodology gives emphasis on building community leaders.

Relationship is the currency of Community Organizing and looks at social change by building power with what people already have. And relationships within our communities are our biggest resource.

Organizing is an empowering and rewarding experience for the communities and leads to innovation that wouldn't occur from outside of the community that's involved.

When we don't want anyone to decide and create the world for us, we don't want to do that to others and to our future generations too.

Our Work