Haiyya’s framework and tools on leadership and grassroots activation are most helpful to organizations with social impact agendas facing the challenge to build strong citizen engagement in their campaigns and projects. Addressing this need, we consult small to big scale organization in designing robust strategies, meeting training needs and designing and implementing projects plans.

Our consulting is based on the community organizing framework and comes from our expertise in running grassroots campaigns. With a good understanding of the dynamics of on-ground work, our consultation is tailor made to meet the needs of the client and deliver expected results. We offer the following services to our clients.

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Our Services

Training & Capacity Building

We partner with our clients to develop customized training programs, in-depth workshops and tool-kits that foster leadership, take their organizing programs and campaigns to scale, and build capacity within their organizations to sustain those learning.

Project Design & Strategy

We consult organizations to build campaigns or projects that aim to bring social behavior change, challenge existing norms and build on-ground leadership to drive that change. Our expertise lies in designing civic engagement programs and ensuring organization of every size have a bigger impact.

Project Implementation

We partner with legacy organizations and work with them to harness people power in their campaigns and projects. Our speciality lies in recruiting volunteers, mobilizing people and moving them into action.

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