Building Our Community

Haiyya’s community is a vibrant group of young people from colleges, media and art spaces, working professionals, entrepreneurs, civic groups who identify themselves as leaders not just supporting progressive change but fighting for it!

We continue to build, engage and expand our community through Haiyya Camps and our flagship event series called The New Narrative. Haiyya Camps help us introduce and invest in leadership and campaigning skills of our community whereas The New Narrative opens a creative space for people to share stories on issues of concern that need more voices and attention.

Impact Numbers


Haiyya Camps


New Narrative Events


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Haiyya Camps

Haiyya Camps are a gateway for Haiyya to identify and recruit youth leaders and passionate individuals who want to become a part of the growing organizing movement in India. Our camps are based in action oriented learning through activities and practice.

We launched Haiyya Camps to meet the need for frequent and shorter trainings to introduce community organizing and campaigning skills to youth. To reach a wide scale of youth leaders and organizations we built standardised toolkits with a 1-2 day workshop model coming from a leadership lens that was easy to implement. Through 7 Haiyya Camps with a diverse audience of students, activists, working professionals, volunteer groups, researchers, technocrats, media persons we trained 350 community members. 3 out of the total Camps were held with organizations such as Swaniti, Mash Project and YLAC on topics of narrative as tool for inspiring action, building large scale volunteer teams, and relationship building campaigning tools. Read more

The New Narrative

In order to facilitate a dialogue on issues that are often ignored and need larger collective voices, Haiyya launched The New Narrative event series this year. It is a community owned space with an innovative format encouraging people to share personal narratives with a belief to build stronger communities. We experienced the power of stories through 5 successful events in 2 cities engaging over 120 people around interesting themes of sexism in Bollywood, music and activism, abortion stigma and different forms of storytelling. We are looking forward to grow with people who want to replicate the format within their communities. Read more