Haiyya Fellowship

Haiyya runs an intensive Fellowship Program to groom, invest and support young leaders and campaigners through the Coaching model to build winning projects/campaigns and put ideas into action using value-based framework of community organizing.

Haiyya Fellowship experience is a 4 month journey with experienced grassroots coaches and mentors, learning new skills and concepts that push you to reach closer to your goal and a leadership ladder that you escalate through along with fellow comrades. A Haiyya Fellowship is hard work but lots of fun – just like a real campaign. You not only take away the confidence to run a campaign but a network of campaigners who can support you.

The robust coaching modules, training programs, program plans and tool-kits supports organizers who have a strong vision to do big things but don’t have a process or methodology in place.

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Fellow's Journey

What is the Fellow’s journey?

Your journey as a Haiyya Fellow will comprise of trainings, workshops, reflections from your field work concluding with a powerful campaign you would have designed.

1. Bimonthly trainings: Learning concepts through activity based approach
2. Peer learning groups led by expert coaches
3. Implement organizing tools to your project
4. Reflection, evaluation & sharing success stories

Read more about the Haiyya Fellowship 6.0 and the TEDxDelhi Fellowship.


How do you know if you can apply?

YOU are enthusiastic and highly motivated with a desire and commitment to create social change
YOU believe that collective power is a critical element of change
YOU have a campaign idea that needs to be translated into ACTION
YOU are interested in using innovative and cutting edge tools to build winning campaigns

How can you apply?

Watch out for this space as we launch the next fellowship. Feel free to reach out to us if you are interested in being a fellow or partnering with us at act@haiyya.in