Why Campaigns?

Campaigns are highly energized, intensely focused, concentrated streams of activity with specific goals and deadlines. People are recruited, leaders are developed, programs launched, battles fought and organizations built through campaigns. Our organizers work through campaigns - a way of mobilizing time, resources, and energy to achieve an outcome.

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Health Over Stigma is a revolutionary campaign fighting for the sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) for unmarried women in India. The Leaders or SRHR Defenders in our campaign are young women themselves who understand the shame around premarital sex and female sexuality which leads to lack of information and safe spaces. Moreover unmarried women are faced with judgemental behavior from service providers at hospitals and clinics. The goal of this campaign is to create spaces for women to share their stories through our network of community meetings and connect young women to non-judgemental doctors who commit to our 10 Commandments.

Join our community teams to become a part of the movement. To learn more you can write to us at healthoverstigma@gmail.com

Support our Petition at Change.org/Healthoverstigma

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Our Previous Campaigns

We have worked with a wide range of audience across the issues of women safety, voting rights, sanitation and health to initiate dialogues within a community through leaders and get people to take collective action. Check out some of our campaigns.

If you really care about an issue and think you can learn from the skills and tools Haiyya uses to run and scale campaigns, write to us at act@haiyya.in

You only need the will to get started!